Drunk folk singer, barefoot troubadour and cult legend Beans on Toast has been around the block more times than he cares to remember.With 5 albums in his back catalogue, Beans on Toast provokes thought on subjects from Prince Harry to Popcorn, from Full Moons to Fracking, from Wetherspoons to Riots, from Love songs to Drug songs and from current events to getting off your head. Simple songs, with no holds barred honest lyrics and quick wit.The Beans on Toast live show is an odd and unpredictable experience. A singer, storyteller and guitar player his self-deprecating quality is not something you often see, but it breaks down the barrier between musician and audience, creating a sense of equality.This year is set to be the biggest year yet for Beans on Toast as he prepares to perform to over 100,000 people in just one week, opening Frank Turner’s UK stadium tour in February 2014 alongside Flogging Molly. With new digital single ‘Keep You’ already being added to the XFM Evening Playlist and a ‘Best of Toast Pressed on Vinyl’ release in the works for Independent Record Store Day on 19 April, anything is possible.“One of the most controversial acts in the whole festival. But behind the humour there are serious political messages of equality and general respect for one another.” CLASH“His modern take on traditional folk music is clever, heart warming and keeps me coming back for more.” RUCKUS“Spontaneity and tongue in cheeky impertinence produce a joyous feel and a wonderful thing called fun!” AMERICANA UK


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